Kyocera Cutting Tools Catalogs

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Indexable Boring Bar for Small Diameter

EZ Bar Plus

Added the convenience of indexable tool to high precision boring bar system. Achieve high cost-effectiveness. It is possible to shorten the insert change time to one-third, and high precision repeatability

Boring Bar

Dynamic Bar

High rigidity of holder possible to suppress chatter and achieve stable machining. Excellent chip evacuation of a large chip pocket

Hybrid Cermet

TN620/PV720 TN610/PV710

TN620 – For General
TN610 – For Finishing
PV720 – For General with MEGACOAT NANO
PV710 – For Finishing with MEGACOAT NANO

High-Efficiency Radius Cutter with Multiple Edges


Economical double-sided 8-edge insert. Radius cutter for various workpiece material. Insert clamped firmly with flat lock structure. Prevent insert rotation and achieve stable machining

Aluminum machining Endmill


High efficiency and excellent precision machining with 3-flutes. Excellent sharpness and Anti-chattering performance. Stable machining in wide range application.


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