AQUA Drills Regular

Employs Aqua Coating to provide effective heat resistance and ample lubrication against work material, gretly performance in dry cuting and high-speed cutting.

High efficiency

high-speed cutting efficiency is 2 to 3 times greater than competing products, and dry cutting efficiency is equivalent to or better than high-speed cutting.

High reliability

Aqua coating, plus a groove shape which excels in chip discharging, enables stable drilling. The special cutting edge enhances tipping resistance and wear resistance of the corner edge.


AQUA Drill Stub, AQUA Drill Regular


Cutting edge with excellent chipping resistance

Enables high-accuracy drilling

Emplys high-accuracy
end mill shankRetained with milling chuck
Decreassed chucking deflection· High hole position accuracy
· Small hole extension
Drill : Diameter 6.9 x 34 x 78 x Diameter 8
Speed : 108m/min (5,000min-1)
Feed : 0.16mm/rev
Depth : 18mm Through
Material : S50C (185HB)
Coolant : Emulsion


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