AQUA Drill EX for Nickel Alloy

Coated carbide drill for heat-resistant alloy

  • Carbide material is optimal for Nickel Alloys, combining excellent wear resistance with chipping resistance.

Flute geometry combines cutting performance with strength to minimize chipping

  • Highly lubricant AQUA EX coating improves wear resistance, heat resistance, and prolongs tool life.

Material characteristics of heat-resistant alloy and characteristics required for cutting tools

Material characteristics of heat resistant alloy Cutting conditions Characteristics required for cutting tools for heat resistant alloy
Highly compatible with tool materials Poorly finished surface Tool materials
Blade break resistance, wear resistance, hardness in hot temperature
Tool shape
Blade shape that optimizes sharpness and strength
Coating properties
Materials with low compatibility with work materials, heat resistance, thermal insulating properties, wear resistance, lubrication properties
Cutting blade chipping
High heat resistance
High cutting temperature
Low thermal conductivity
Subject to tool abrasion
Subject to work hardening
High cutting resistance



Comparison of Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al-4V) drilling


Comparison of Nickel Alloy (Inconel) drilling

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