AQUA Drill EX FLAT Regular / Long Shank

Developed Long Shank and Regular for Flat drill series

  • Solid carbide drill for 4D flat hole.
  • 2D flat hole drilling with 10D ejecting length.(industry’s longest)
  • Increased series lineup expands flat machining applications.

Applicable for cutting wide range of material

  • From carbon steel to alloy steel, cast iron → Very wide !

Best balanced flute shape for more rigidity and better chip removal

  • Enhanced performance on chip breakage and its emission.
  • Intermediate double margin control generation of hole expansion for high accuracy drilling.

Suitable for drilling on inclined surface at deep at hole position

AQUA Drills EX FLAT Long Shank

Deep hole drilling with AQUA FLAT Series : Regular

Reduction of hole enlargement

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